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Online Photosession


The entire event takes place virtually live, so we both can be from anywhere at any time

Online Professional Photoshoot live from the convenience of your phone. Why? How? and other FAQ


What to do at home

Have fun at home in quarantine

We are not stuck at home we're enjoying this time with our loved ones! What a perfect opportunity to take annual family card pictures. Some kids even can manage this task themselves as they are so good with the devices.


Headshot at home

Professional eye & self headshots

Need a new headshot, but have no time to go anywhere. Have a cell phone headshot taken by a professional remote photographer.


Profile Photo

Dating photos in comfort of home

Quarantine can't stop online dating. Why don't we take photos online too? My phone takes very good quality photos, all I need is a professional remote photographer to guide me.

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Fashion selfies

Selfmodel Fashion Reseller 

Selfie your entire closet and put it on sale on Poshmark or eBay. Turn quarantine into money. Earn some cash from home.

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Running in Nature


Worldwide. Use the convenience of your phone to shoot from anywhere: your backyard, your room, your trip

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All we need is a good Internet connection and speed at your location

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Your photos will be available online instantaniously

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I'll send you a correct phone tripod to keep (U.S. only). A wireless speaker is for your convenience and optional

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One App, one call and we're ready to go. iOS or Android

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You could use the power of filters of your phone. However, my Photoshop skill is at your service by request

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Find a location

Decide on your goal, then scout and pre-select current location for best natural light of a day


A form below is a pre-"flight check" to decide on "ifs and whens" for your shooting

Get a tripod

Let's get you a phone tripod, we would need that shipping time to decide on the final details

Book me

Book a day and time for your virtual photography session. Different time zones - more fun!

Start before you're ready
What platform is a phone that you're going to use for shooting?
If we are going to move you away from a phone, in order for you to hear my directions live you would need a wireless lightweight speacker, not headphones. Will you have a solution for this?
When is the desired light setting at the location(-s) of shooting? Please, feel free to specify time in Comments
How long shall a photoshoot last?

Thanks for submitting!

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About  Me


As a published professional photographer from the city of Fashion - New 

York - I'll put you at ease through this unique experience, I'll guide you through some best side tricks on posing, the goal is to get the best out of our photography time. You'll get one of a kind fun experience and a story to tell, pictures to share with your loved ones, or to bust your dating profile with natural candids at home, or a new urgent headshot for an employer.

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